Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Remember when we were young?

Last night,Lillianna had a concert at school. As a surprise,I called my friend Amy on my way to work yesterday and asked her what her daughter Mollie was doing that night. Since she had no plans,I asked if she would like to come to Lillianna's concert. Without asking her daughter,she said she'd love it.

Lillianna and Mollie have been best friends since they were 3 years old and met in nursery school. Even though we live one town away from each other,the girls have remained the very best of friends. They have been in the same dance class for 6 years and have shared many fun times together.

I told Lillianna that we had to leave early for the concert because Amy had called me and asked if I could return Mollie's sweatshirt that she had left here last week when she slept over. So,Lil thought that's why we were going to Mollie's. Well,we did return the sweatshirt and as Lillianna explained that she had to go because she was in a concert,Mollie said,"Ya,I know....I'm coming with you!"

They hugged each other,jumped up and down and screamed. Lillianna gave me her look that means,"Why didn't you tell me?" I just smiled innocently and said,"I told you. You're on a need to know basis!" I love surprising her.

On the ride to school,Lillianna told Mollie that she had found her photo album of when they were 3 years old and they were making chocolates at our house. I said,"You guys were so cutie-pie little then." Then I thought a minute and said,"In a few years you'll look back at this year and say,'Remember when we were 9? That was so long ago!'" The girls just laughed.

Then I was on a roll."And when you're 60 you can say,'Wow....remember when we were only 40? We looked good back then. We were so cute,weren't we?'"
While the girls were laughing I added,"I'm sure you'll still be having sleepover birthday parties with each other when you're 90!"

Then one of them said,"Then we can bring a casserole." Both girls were hysterical by then. I asked them what they meant by that. You never know if casserole is slang for something nowadays,you know? That just got them laughing even more.

Finally Lillianna said,"You know.....a casserole.........That's what old people bring each other,Mom......casseroles!"

Then I started to laugh. Kids have a funny way of looking at things. I guess if I start bringing casseroles every where I go then I'm old,right? I hope my string bean casserole doesn't count because I've been bringing that every where I go for years!

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