Wednesday, May 30, 2007

One step closer to Iraq

I just read on Lisa's blog that TC left for Oklahoma and Arizona. I knew it was happening but it still sucks.

(For those of you who don't know,TC is my sister's brother-in-law. He was also best man at her wedding so we walked down the aisle together. I think he is a very complex guy and I find him to be so interesting. He is also extremely funny in a low key way. I kind of forced his wife Lisa to start her own blog a while back because I thought it would be helpful keeping TC in the loop while he is away. Not that he will be driving a tank and typing on a laptop but......he can check in every now and then.
Lisa turned out to be a very amusing story teller so I am glad I twisted her arm a little bit. Her blog also keeps me in the loop because we don't see each other very often and I miss out on lots of things. Trent is a very funny child so I love hearing about what he is doing.)

Anyway,if you get a chance,please read Lisa's post. Being a military wife is difficult and she could use some support right about now since her second son is due in a few months and TC will not be home for this joyous event.

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