Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The countdown is on!

Sunday was my last Sunday at work and tonight is my last Tuesday! After this,I just have to work my last Saturday and then.......I'm done! I've worked 4 1/2 years at this job and I'm not sad to see it end.

Like any job,there have been good days and bad....people that I enjoy working with and others that are more challenging. Through it all,I think it's been a decent job and it fit my needs at the time. Now,things are changing and I had to make the decision to leave.

I started this job when Lillianna was 5 years old and in kindergarten 3 hours a day.
It was impossible to work while she was in school. By the time I arrived at my job,it was time to turn around and go back to pick her up from school. That's when I took a job where I could work nights and weekends so she could be home with Rich while I was at work.

A few years ago I went from per-diem to part-time so that I could pick up dental insurance. That was a great bonus for us since Rich's job didn't offer that. As I said,this job was a good fit for me at the time but a 5 year old child is very different from a 9 1/2 year old child and Lillianna's needs have changed.

She has so many weekend activities that I have been missing because I work every weekend. Rich doesn't enjoy these things the way that I do but he's the one who has to be there with her because I'm not home. I missed birthday parties where the moms hang out and chat while the kids roller skate. I missed selling Girl Scout cookies at cookie booths with her. Rich went but I don't think he loved it.

I don't have Lillianna's friends sleep over on the weekends because I'm not here although Mollie,her very best friend,has slept over a time or two on the weekends but her mom and I are good friends.She knows Rich. Most moms are uncomfortable with just dad being home and I can't blame them. I would be too.

So,I'm very excited about our new life which will begin next week. I am picking up more hours at my ophthalmic tech job but I'll be home every day by 2:30pm to get Lillianna from school. On the Saturdays that I decide to work,I'll be home by 12:30pm. We will still have the whole weekend as a family and I won't be working every Saturday. This will be the first time in many,many years that I won't be working on the weekends. I can't wait.

We are all looking forward to a more connected life together. This tag-team parenting is not fun or healthy for us anymore. We need to spend time together as a family and just enjoy one another. Feeling so disconnected has taken it's toll on us and we need to begin a more harmonious life.

So,just tonight and Saturday and then I'm done. Yahoo!

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