Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pretty darn slick!

So,I'm alone at my sister's office. Yesterday was a bit boring but today has been really hopping. I haven't stopped working since I walked in the door. Keep in mind,this is a mortgage company and I've worked in ophthalmology for the past 16 years. I don't know anything about mortgages....all I know is how to do eye exams. This is quite a change.

I trained with Kara several weeks ago but it was only for one day. Apparently,that was a big enough help to get me through these few days. I had to do an appraisal letter as soon as I came in. This was my first one. When all that was done,a real estate broker called and needed a pre-approval letter. This was a new borrower so I had to set that up in the computer by myself.

When it came time to write the letter,it wasn't where it was supposed to be. I called Kara. Apparently I made an error.She was trying to tell me how to fix it but I said if I concentrate on my instructions,I could do it myself. I did. Then I printed and FAXED the letter to the agent.

Will it sound goofy if I say I am so proud of myself? I've talked to Kara and Peter a couple of times because I can't answer some of the questions that people are asking me but of course they don't care. By me being in the office,they got to go away with the kids for a few days and they pay me to be here so we all win!

If this wasn't such a horrific commute,I wouldn't mind doing this full time! If I could make my own hours and come in before traffic.......well,let's not jump the gun.

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