Friday, August 11, 2006

My first "real life" meeting

I often wish that I could meet some of the people I have "known" online for the past two years. Today,Lillianna and I are going to meet Jess for lunch and then shop for a few hours. Then Jess is off to Boston for a pre-race dinner before she swims tomorrow morning. After dinner,she will come back to our apartment for a couple of hours of sleep before we are both up at the crack of dawn. I have to leave for work and Jess will head to Boston for her swim meet. I wish I could've taken the time off from work to see her swim but unfortunately,I don't have any extra vacation days. I'm taking them for Kara's wedding next month.

In two weeks,I will be meeting Kris.'s almost like these internet people are real!

This is exciting because after reading their blogs and exchanging emails,I wonder if they will be the way I have imagined them to be. I'll let you know.

Have you met any of your internet friends?

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