Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A hodge-podge of thoughts

I haven't written a post since last Wednesday because I have so much crap in my head I couldn't put one thought together. Kris obviously had the same problem and she put all her thoughts in one post. Hey,I can do that. I was trying to make it sound sensible but apparently,that is not a must. I love blogging.

Here is what is on my no particular order.

1. Lillianna and I went up to the pool today at 3pm. I had a headache earlier in the day and begged Lillianna to let me nap for an hour. Wednesdays are hard for me because I work until 11:30pm on Tuesday nights so I was half dead today. Finally,after lunch and after my too short nap,I packed snacks and went up to the pool. A mom was leaving with her daughter and she said,"The pool is closed. The filter is broken. It's been broken for 3 days."

I was pissed. They put ridiculous signs in our vestibule every day of the week. Why couldn't they let us know about the pool??

2. There is a horrible glare running across my computer screen right now. I just HATE that!!

3. I have to go for my fitting this week. I did manage to buy my shoes and bra for the dress on Monday so all that is left is the fitting. Uhm...with my schedule,when the hell will I fit it in?? Huh?....When???

4. Tomorrow is my morning at the ophthalmology practice. I really hate dealing with people. It's 4 hours of torture,it really is. August 13th will mark my 16 year anniversary at this hell hole. Happy freakin' anniversary to me.

5. We still haven't heard about the job Rich applied to in June. We were told it might take a few months but I really want to know already! RIGHT NOW!

6. I have to go right from work to my sister's office tomorrow afternoon to train for that job. I wonder if I'll really ever be trained. Only time will tell.

7. Mom was telling me about the meeting she and Kara had today with the caterer for the wedding. The dessert table sounds delicious. My mouth was watering. Stupid Diabetes......ruins all my fun! I won't be able to eat a damn dessert!!

8. Lillianna and I watched Dr.Phil today. It was about a mom and dad who beat their 5 kids. It was horrible. It made us both sad for the kids.

I guess that's it for now. The glare is giving me a headache.

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