Friday, September 02, 2005

What's in the trash bag?

Today is another one of my famous trash bag days. I take a bag in my room and I give one to Lillianna and we throw away whatever we haven't used since the last trash bag clean up. I know this isn't exactly a day of fun on Lillianna's day off from school but since I work all weekend,this is a necessity.

I started by just going around and picking up the little pieces that everyone leaves behind at the computer: a popsicle stick(Lillianna or Rich's),a thank you note from a party Lillianna attended a month ago,a Christmas cassette (I have no idea why it was there), papers with email addresses on them(that's Rich's stuff for barter town where he trades toy soldiers),nail polish (ok,that's mine. I polish my nails and then play Chuzzle on the computer while they dry!), coupon book (ya,mine again. I look for coupons then type my list out). The computer on it's own is a dumping site!

Then I found my old iron sitting in the corner of the room. One day, a few months ago, I plugged it in and nearly got eletrocuted. We immediately replaced it but for some reason,that old one is still here. I tossed it in the bag along with my old cordless phone that died a slow,painful death about 6 months ago. My bedroom is a graveyard for dead appliances.

So, after almost 3 hours of cleaning,we are taking a break and going out for Thai food. After that,I hope to tackle the rest of the apartment.

How cluttered is your house?

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