Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hair don'ts

The sky just suddenly opened up. I can hear big, fat raindrops plopping on my air conditioner. I dared to look out the window and could only see grayness through the swirling rain.

I wish this could be a day where I could stay snuggled in my jammies,sipping lemon tea and cuddling Lillianna. Unfortunately,I have to hop in the shower,iron my clothes,eat lunch and get Lillianna from school at 2:40pm. Then it's a 30 minute drive to my Mom's to drop Lillianna off so that I can go to work.

Since it is so windy and wet outside,I figured I would pull the front of my hair up so it won't be whipping in my face when I go outside. Nothing looked right. I hate having my hair all flipped out and frizzy in this weather. Headbands give me a migraine but I might just give in to it today because it is really nasty outside.

If I were in a magazine,I am sure I would be a hair don't with this headband but....what can ya do?

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