Monday, September 05, 2005

I am entitled to my own feelings

When I was in my early twenties,I used to read parenting magazines to gain some insight. One of the articles that I read said that if a child says,"My knee hurts," don't say, "No it doesn't," just because you don't see anything wrong. If you keep denying your child's pain,it undermines their ability to trust their feelings. I thought their was some truth in that and I have made sure that I have never denied Lillianna's feelings about anything.

What about adults? Aren't adults entitled to feel any way that they want? Lately I have found that there are people who want to tell me how to feel and I am annoyed and angered by it.

If I am sad about something,I hear,"That shouldn't have upset you. Forget about it." If I could forget about it,I would,but obviously I can't. Please allow me to feel sad. It's okay. It won't last forever.

If I am frustrated,I hear,"You shouldn't feel that way. It's no big deal." Well, to me, it is a big deal so let me feel my feelings.

I honestly wanted to hit someone the other day for telling me how to feel but luckily I am not a violent person and I just let it go. I wanted to scream in their face,"Shut the F*&$ up!!!! Don't tell me how to feel! You can't belittle my feelings just because they are not your feelings." That makes my frustration doubly frustrating!

I am not sure why people feel compelled to tell others how they think they should feel but it needs to stop......NOW!

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