Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What kind of gift is that?

I was driving home from work at midnight last night and listening to Michael Savage on talk radio. Even though I know nothing about politics,I happen to love his show and find him funny and fascinating.

Anyway,somewhere around 12:20am,he did a commercial for a Valentine's gift. He has a bit of an accent. I believe he is originally from New York. So the ad sounded like this to me:

If you want to get the perfect Valentine's gift for the woman in your life,get her a vagina-gram.

I was stunned. My mouth dropped open. Did he say vagina-gram? What the hell could that possibly be and how could he say that on the radio? Sure,it's after midnight here but he broadcasts from California and it's early there.

I continued to listen to the ad.

She may not tell you that that is what she wants but no woman can resist it. Every woman loves pjs so get her that pajama-gram.

Ohhhhhh......PAJAMA-gram.That's very different. Never mind.

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