Friday, February 09, 2007

It's my birthday!!

Well,I don't know what 44 is supposed to look like so I guess I look okay for 44.
Wow.....44. It just seems like such an old number to me. My mother was 44 when I was a senior in high school. She seemed so young to me. Lillianna is only in 3rd grade. Does that make me old?

I know you're only as young as you feel so I am going to declare that 44 is still very young. Since it's my birthday,I can say anything I want and believe anything I want.

I'm going to clean the house for a bit this morning and then bake my cake: white cake,strawberries and Cool Whip. It's a bit of a stretch with the sugar and carbs in the cake but I'll have a small piece and hope everyone else eats the rest.

I hope everyone has a great day!

(update: So far this morning,Lillianna and Rich wished me a happy birthday. Lillianna declared that today her Sherbert Bunny Webkinz that I bought her yesterday belongs to me for 24 hours. I love that bunny.

Kristy and Jerry called from work at 7:30am. They are going to come by tonight for cake. That was a nice surprise.

At 8:30am Kara called. She sang happy birthday to me with Lena and Bella. That was so cute. Cody wouldn't sing. They all yelled,"Speak! Speak!" to try to get him to bark for me but he was silent. Lena said,"He's not in a talking mood."

My friend Mary emailed me to say happy birthday. Even though she lives 15 minutes away,we rarely see each other so we are trying to plan a time to get together.

Rich called on his way to work to tell me he heard the pajama gram commercial and it does not sound like vagina gram. He was listening to a different station when he heard it and my point was that the guy on WRKO who did it had a New York accent and it did too sound like vagina gram. He just laughed.

Mom called after 9am. She thought 44 sounded old. I said,"Hey,you're almost 70. 44 is not that bad." She had to agree.

My cousin Becky called a little before 10am from California. She sang to me too. I said she owes me 19 more happy birthday songs since we hadn't been in touch for 20 years. She said she'll just randomly call me to sing to me. I thought that sounded great!

Liane called from Virginia at 10am to wish me a happy day. We had a great talk as always. We've been best friends since junior high school.

Now it's 10:30am and I am going to hop in the shower before Liane's package arrives sometime before 3:00pm! I hope I don't miss it!)

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