Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse

I've been trying to keep a positive outlook on things but it's been tough. Rich's employer decided that he would close on Tuesdays due to lack of business starting the last week of January. Rich lost one day's pay a week which really hurt us. Even though he has 2 weeks vacation time coming to him,they wouldn't let him take Tuesday as a vacation day. That's a pay loss of over $400 per month. We weren't even making ends meet before this. How were we supposed to make it work now?

Last Friday,Rich was laid off. As of the end of this month which is in EIGHT DAYS,we lose our health benefits. I am on 5 medications. I also need my lancets and test strips to check my blood every day. I need health insurance!

I called my work today to see if I could be covered through there. For family health insurance I would have to pay $809 per month. I don't even make that much money per month so I can't get it through there. I burst into tears and called Rich on his cell phone.

He said he knew I had been crying and told me not to worry. He would look into getting benefits through unemployment. COBRA would cost us $1,200 per month. That's impossible if my husband is unemployed! Where do they think the money is going to come from....the sky?

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude but it's really difficult to do. I haven't paid a bill in one month because I am saving the money to pay our rent. I'm sure I'll be getting a ton of calls from credit card companies and everyone else who is looking to get paid. On the bright side,if my phone is disconnected then they won't be able to reach me.

I just keep remembering,"This too shall pass." I hope it passes quickly.

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