Wednesday, February 14, 2007

If it's not Frank Sinatra then Mom is clueless

When I was in high school,Mom and Dad went to Las Vegas on vacation. When they came home,Mom told me all the fun things they had done. "One night,we went into this free show but Daddy and I left because we had never heard of the band. Have you ever heard of Kool and The Gang?

I nearly fell off my chair. I looked at her in horror and gasped,"You walked out on Kool and The Gang? Are you kidding me? Why?....why?......How could you do that?"

She looked puzzled and asked,"You've heard of them?" I think I walked out of the room shaking my head in disbelief. She had free tickets to see them and she walked out.

Today when I spoke to her she and her friend Barbara were going to spend two nights in a nearby casino. The men were joining them tonight to see Frank Sinatra Jr. After the show the guys will return home and the girls will have one more night of gambling.

Mom said,"I got free tickets to a show tomorrow night so I gave them to Risa." Risa's my cousin who lives in Florida and she's only about 20 minutes away from my mother. I thought that was nice of her and I asked who she was going to see. Mom asked,"Huey Lewis and something."

"Do you mean Huey Lewis and The News,Mother?" I said in my sarcastic tone. She knew she was in trouble because I always call her Mommy. Mother is used when I jokingly scold her for something.

Mom answered,"Oh,you've heard of them?"

Ya gotta love Mom. I told her to enjoy Frankie Jr and to have a Happy Valentine's Day. That woman just cracks me up!

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