Monday, December 04, 2006

My best decision

I am so happy that I decided to babysit for "A". It is the best decision I could've made. Today was the first day and it was amazing. She is a happy and amusing child. In other words,she is exactly like Lillianna was at that age.....and still is. Speaking of my wonderful child,she is so good with "A". She said she feels like the older sister and in a way,she is,if only temporarily.

I ended the day being peed on in the doctor's office during Lillianna's well visit. (I never liked Huggies diapers..... because they leak!! I think I proved that point.) When "A" stood on my lap,Lillianna pointed out the wet spot on "A's" pants and on my pants. Then after I fed her dinner,she turned to hug me and got chicken,broccoli and carrots on my shirt. It was wonderful.

After she used me as a napkin,she stood on my legs and bounced. I made a funny face at her and bounced her too. This produced a huge belly laugh from "A". Her laugh caused me and Lillianna to burst out laughing. We repeated this cycle many,many times. It was so good or us all to laugh like that.

I can't wait to see her again tomorrow.

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