Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Coffee anyone?

Kara and Peter bought me this for Christmas! They have one at home and I use it whenever I'm there. For me,this is such an extravagant gift and I'd never buy it for myself.

A few weeks ago,Kara told me my gift was Peter's idea so I was thinking this might be the gift but I wasn't sure. I was so excited when I saw it. Peter hugged me and said it was a thank you for all the work I do for them in the office. I only worked in the office when they were on their honeymoon and I occasionally answer their calls on my cell phone if they have to do something during the day. I was stunned.

The beauty of this gift is that Lillianna loves making hot beverages for the family: coffee for me,tea for Rich and cocoa for Lil. She has so much fun making our drinks and I like feeling as if I am on vacation!

Come on over for coffee anytime! There's plenty to go around.

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