Friday, December 01, 2006

In just a few days

Yesterday,I told my coordinator at work that it was my last Thursday until further notice,due to my new babysitting job. I'll still be there on Saturday but I'll be babysitting on Thursday so I can't work. He asked me to try to add in Friday instead.I told him I'd see how the first week went with babysitting and then I'd let him know. I could use the money but what price am I paying to be so stressed out?

I am really looking forward to meeting this sweet little girl. I found out today that at the very least,she will be living here with her grandmother until August so I will have her for 9 months. By the time her parents see her again,she and her 2 year old brother will be totally different children.

The 2 year old will be in my friend's home day care and the baby will be with me. We're going to take pictures of the children and I'll scrapbook them for the parents so that they won't miss out on everything. I could never leave my child for such a long time but I thank G-d every day that there are people in this country willing to fight for our rights and freedom. It takes a special kind of person to be in the military and sacrifice so much of their life for others. The least I can do is to take care of their baby while they are fighting for our country.

In just a few days,I will receive a little bundle of joy. I just can't wait.

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