Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Coffee filters....not just for coffee anymore!

For years,I had a box of coffee filters in the cabinet that I used whenever I brewed coffee.Since I am the only one in this house who drinks coffee,the filters lasted a long time. A few months ago,I finally used the last one so I bought new filters that just came wrapped in plastic. For some reason,I put them in the closet that has the dishes,Tupperware and snacks.

I don't know if Rich and Lillianna think that because the filters are in with the dishes that the filters actually are dishes but they keep using them as plates and bowls. It's not like we don't have clean dishes in the closet,because we do,but the filters are their first choice for snacks.

I first noticed this when my mom sent us a crate of oranges from Florida. Every time Rich peeled an orange,he put the peel in the coffee filter. Lillianna began to copy him. When I questioned Rich about this odd habit he thought for a minute and said,"I think I remember that my dad used to do this." I just shook my head and walked away.

Every now and then I'll notice a coffee filter on the table with remnants of some snack in it and it makes me laugh. Last night I made a cup of tea and took out 4 sugar free peanut butter cookies from the package. I opened the closet and grabbed a coffee filter. It was a handy flexible bowl for my cookies.

Do you use coffee filters for something other than coffee?

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