Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What's the big deal about being gay?

Clay Aiken recently revealed he was gay. I read an article about him and he said he was afraid his fans would be upset or that people would turn against him. The only way this news would've disturbed me is if I'd been dating Clay and I had hoped he would propose soon. Yes,then the news would've devastated me because it would've had a huge impact on my life. No wedding for me and the love of my life is gay? That would totally suck!....but that's not the case.

I really don't care what anyone is doing in his/her life unless it's harmful to someone else or if it directly impacts my life. Is that selfish? I just think everyone has a right to live his/her own life.

I remember when there was all that hoopla about Sponge Bob Square Pants being gay.
Can a sponge be gay? Do we really have to have a conversation about that?

I wrote a post about a book that told the true story of 2 male penguins.

I just think the world is ridiculous. Live and let live. Isn't that a motto somewhere?

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