Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday Lillianna!!

Today Lillianna is 11. She woke up at 4:30am to go to the bathroom and then she stayed up. The alarm was set for 4:45am anyway because she wanted to count down to 4:59am which is the time she was born so 4:30am wasn't too early for us.

She opened her presents and then I came in here to type up her birthday notes that I put on all her food in her lunch box. Here's what I did this year.

On her peanut butter and fluff sandwich: that you peanut butter?'s a tuna sandwich! Of course it's me!
Did you hear that today is Lillianna's 11th birthday?
That's impossible...Lillianna is like...I don't know....5??
Ya...she was 5 about 6 years ago. Today she is 11.
You'd think she would be eating something more mature like caviar.
She's not gonna eat peanut butter and fluff and fish eggs!
Ya...that is kinda gross.
Ya think??

On her bottle of water:

I am no ordinary bottle of H2O.
I've got stuff in me that makes you grow.
I think it's mold and fungus and stuff
No...I'm just joking
to make you luff...uhm...laugh
(Why didn't I just rhyme something with laugh?
Lots of words rhyme with laugh...
half,calf, that it?
No wonder I rhymed it with luff!!)
Happy Birthday!

On her Scooby Doo fruit snacks:

Scooby Snacks?
How is there a surviving pack
of fruit snacks in here?
Didn't Lillianna eat them all up on Sunday??
Oh,her mom bought her another pack?
Good thing too. That Lillianna is a
total fruit snack pig. No offense!
Oh ya...and Happy Birthday!Oink!

On her cupcake.

My name is Drake.
I am a cupcake.
So yummy and gooooood
a sugary food.
(Did ya like how I made good
into gooooood so it rhymed with
food? That takes great talent.
Oh ya and....Happy Birthday!)

On her peanutbutter crackers:

Crackers crackers in a pack
I'm a healthy energy snack
When you feel the need to eat
choose me for your special treat!!
Happy Birthday from the cracker pack!

On her granola bar:

Granola is so good for you
oats and bran and tree bark too
That can't be right it can't be true
If you pooped a tree what would you do?
Happy Birthday from your
thoughful granola bar!

And here's the note from me:

Happy 11th Birthday

I don't know how it's come again
It seems like you were only 10
one year ago with ten little candles
It's just way more than your mom can handle

And now one candle is added this year
You have turned eleven so stand up and cheer
for one whole year you'll be eleven
but next year you'll be five plus seven
(that's 12 for those who can't do the math)

Happy birthday to my precious girl
you're the brightest star in my whole world.

(Ya I get that girl and world don't actually rhyme
but I think I can make it rhyme and that's called
poetic license. It's not like a driving license
because you can't make up your own rules when
you drive. You'd just get arrested if you did but
when you write poetry you can kind of do what you
want and call it poetry. Isn't that cool?)

Happy Birthday Lillianna!!!

So those are my crazy birthday notes. They always make her laugh so I keep writing them. Tonight she is having a bunch of her friends sleep over and one of my co-workers who is a manicurist will be coming to do their nails. I love her sleep overs. They're always so much fun for all of us.

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