Sunday, October 19, 2008

Don't come to my house for dinner

It's no secret that I hate to cook but tonight I made a dinner that all 3 of us like....well,at least we used to.

Lillianna has a new addiction to Soy Vay terriyaki sauce. She likes this marinade on salmon,beef tips and chicken.

Rich is kind of a bland guy but the last time I made chicken in this sauce he ate it. I made him a baked potato and made sweet potato french fries for me and Lillianna.

The chicken was too saucy and dry. Rich's baked potato was over baked and hard on the bottom. The sweet potato fries were more squishy than usual so I broiled them for a few minutes and Lillianna hated that.

Dinner was horrible event though I had the best of intentions.
So,if you're looking for a good meal don't come to my house for dinner. Apparently I can't cook!

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