Thursday, November 22, 2007

A very happy Thanksgiving

Well,turkey day is over and I'm stuffed! We had a lovely day and it was just the way I wanted it. Kara came over with her chocolate lab Cody AKA "my furry nephew." Her mother-in-law Ginny came over too which was so much fun. I love Ginny. She is very kind and loving and I always enjoy being with her.

She is also Lisa's mother-in-law but Lisa,TC and the kids are in Florida right now so Ginny couldn't be with them on Thanksgiving.Their loss was our gain.
Rich's friend Gary also came over today and after dinner the guys watched Gettysburg which is a 4 hour movie.I've seen it a few times but I always cry.

While the guys watched their movie,the girls took Cody for a little walk to try to work off the food we devoured. It didn't work. We could barely move when we got back home.

We each tasted a dessert but we really couldn't eat much. Why do we always eat too much at the holidays? Who cares? We all had fun.

I hope you all had a very happy day too.

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