Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm going to have to stop watching t.v. because it's making me crazy!
This morning,on Fox News,there was another story about Santa. I know it's almost December but why is this year the year to bash Santa?

Apparently there are stricter guidelines this year for department store Santas. After thousands of years of greeting people with,"Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas!" he now has to say,"Ha-Ha-Ha Merry Christmas!" Why? Because Ho-Ho-Ho is scary to children and offensive to women!

Let's break it down,shall we? It is 2007. Ten year olds are creating profiles on MYSPACE and meeting strangers online. Scary for the parents but not scary for the kids. Kids of all ages are playing Grand Theft Auto which allows them to steal cars and assassinate innocent bystanders while they rob banks and whatever else seems "fun" to them. That's not scary but Ho-Ho-Ho is going to traumatize them?? Get real,folks.

As for being offensive to women,I've never had anyone call me a "ho" so I never associated Santa's greeting with a derogatory remark towards women. Are farmers going to have to rename their hoe too? We'll just call it that flat bladed thingy since we don't want the farmer's wife thinking that Old McDonald has a girl stashed in a hay stack when he yells,"Hey honey,can ya bring me that hoe in the barn?" Can you just imagine the confusion? The divorce rate would sky rocket!

In a time when we are all completely desensitized to violence,why turn something innocent into something that it isn't?

No one will have a happy or merry anything if this keeps up!

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