Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The handsome doctor

I've worked at my job for 17 years. When I first started,I became close to Dr.C who was 62 years old. He was so good looking he could easily pass for an old fashioned movie star like Rock Hudson or Cary Grant.....only much better looking. He was tall,charming and extremely handsome. The women swooned when they saw him. Who could blame them?

I ended up working with him a lot and I got to know his routines. Tuesday mornings he would take a piano class at Berklee College of Music and then end up running late for his first patient at 8:30am. His assistant,Bernice,would often run up to me and whisper,"He's in a bad mood. Can you do anything?" I just shrugged my shoulders and said I'd try.

When Dr.C would come down the hall I would make a face and say,"Rumor has it you're in a bad mood today. I have to work with you ALL day so I hope you're not really crabby!" He would always laugh this booming laugh and say,"Who said I was in a bad mood? Well....I guess the traffic got to me but I promise to be in a good mood from now on." Then he'd smile and see his first patient.

One day a mean and nasty patient grabbed my nicely polished hand and sputtered,"YOU are a disgrace to the entire medical profession! Your nails are too long. They could poke my eye out. I'm going to report you to the medical board!!"

I was so horrified and scared.I was still kind of new. Just as Dr. C was about to go in to see that patient,I wiggled my finger at him to come here. I told him what the woman said. He looked at me and asked,"You're a disgrace to the entire medical profession?" I nodded slowly. He laughed,patted me on the back and said,"Congratulations! What an honor....the entire medical profession. Wow!" I asked,"You're not mad? You don't think my nails are too long?" He just shook his head and said,"She's nuts!"

When he retired several years ago,I wrote a song for him to the tune of Johnny Angel. The doctors all dressed up in angel costumes and sang it to him. It was so funny.

The reason I'm writing all this is because Dr.C came into the office today. I ran over to him and hugged and kissed him. We talked for a while and then everyone came over to see him. He was there for a while so I got to talk to him a few times. Some people said they weren't sure if he remembered them. He is 79,after all. I asked him if he remembered me and he said,"Of course I did,Robin!" I was so happy. If the president had walked in no one would've paid any attention to him. Seeing Dr.C today just made my day!!!!

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