Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another reason to be proud of my daughter

I'm always proud of Lillianna. She has always been a kind,loving,compassionate,thoughtful and generous child. I wasn't surprised at all when I went up to school for my parent-teacher conference on Thursday. Mrs. O'Neil said that Lillianna was very helpful to her classmates and she always asks if there is anything she can do to help in the classroom. She's not Eddie from Leave it to Beaver,"You look lovely today Mrs.Cleaver." She genuinely cares about people and always tries to help when she can.

During the week of conferences,a Scholastic Book Fair was held in school. Each teacher could fill out a wish list of books she would like for the classroom. If a parent would like to purchase a book for the class then he/she can look at the wish list and choose from there.

I wish Lillianna had told me about this while we were at school instead of when we were in the car on the way home. I would've bought a book for her class. Yesterday,Mrs.O'Neil said the kids could take one more look at the Book Fair since it was the last day. Lillianna checked Mrs.O'Neil's wish list and saw that there was only one book left on it.

She took her dollar that I gave her for ice cream during lunch and decided to see what she could do.(They can only buy ice cream on Fridays.)She asked her friends if they wanted to pitch in and buy Mrs.O'Neil's last book. Some people only had a quarter to give but Lillianna said every bit would count. In the end,she managed to gather the $5 for the book and she bought it for Mrs.O'Neil.

(Lillianna would have to add the details to this but she's at a local Junior Miss pageant with her best friend and she's sleeping over there tonight so I'll have to wing it.)

Mrs.O'Neil asked who bought her the book and Lillianna gave her all the names of the people that chipped it. I was so proud when Lillianna told me this story but for a second I felt bad that she didn't get her ice cream which she looks forward to every week. When I told her that she said,"Mom,a book is way more important than an ice cream!"

Is this child really only 10 years old? I know I wasn't that thoughtful or generous at that age. I am so lucky to have this child. She simply amazes me.

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