Friday, November 30, 2007

Persistance pays off

I got a coupon in the mail the other day from CVS. It said that I would get a $25 gift card if I filled a new prescription or transferred a prescription to their pharmacy. As luck would have it,I got a new prescription for my diabetes supplies.

I went in on Monday to pick up my prescriptions and handed the girl my coupon. She couldn't ring it in correctly so she asked another girl to help her. Girl #2 said I had to be a NEW customer to get the gift card. Nowhere on the coupon does it say that. She huffed and puffed and acted like she was doing me a huge favor and agreed to give me the gift card......but she couldn't get the code right and the register wouldn't calculate it correctly.

She said I didn't qualify and that it couldn't be done.
Girl #1 asked the busy pharmacist and he just shook his head. She gave me the coupon back and said to try another day.

I was pissed. I always forget to redeem coupons and things and the one time I do they made me feel like a criminal.

I just called their corporate headquarters and spoke to a lovely woman. I gave her all the information and she put me on hold. A few minutes later she got back to me and said she had spoken to the manager in the CVS I had gone to and they will absolutely honor the coupon so that I can get the $25 gift card. She apologized several times for the staff not knowing how to process the coupon and the fact that they said I couldn't get it.

I'm so excited! Money is tight as usual and that gift card will help me get some stocking stuffers for Christmas...not to mention that Chanukah is only a few days away!!

I'm so glad I made that call!

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