Sunday, July 08, 2007

The new pool rules....RULE!

We have lived in this apartment complex for over 4 years. The rules have been pretty strict these past few years and I haven't been very happy. Last year the complex hired an outside foreign life guard service and the rules got even worse.

All inflatable pool toys and diving sticks were still banned but then they added that if we brought a guest under the age of 14,their parent had to be with them. Lillianna's an only child. We need friends to play with in the pool. We couldn't have any children over last year at all and it was tough.

This year,several Egyptian families moved into our complex and they bring anyone they want in the pool. They also bring boogie boards,inflatable tubes,small hard footballs and other throwing toys.I don't know if they didn't read the rules that were delivered to each tenant or they just don't understand or care but they have broken just about every pool rule. The lifeguard has never said a word.

Yesterday,which was our 2nd time at the pool this year,I noticed the huge amount of toys and other banned items. Lillianna's classmate nearly bonked her off the head with the football in an attempt to throw it to his sister. So much for safety. The lifeguard said nothing. On the next break that the lifeguard took,I went to the rental office. (The lifeguard takes a 15 minute break every 45 mins and we have to get out of the pool. This ridiculous rule started last year!)

So,Lillianna and I went to the office. I just wanted to know if all the rules that they sent us several times before the pool opened,still applied. The 2 woman in the office said that it is up to the lifeguard to enforce the rules. If he doesn't,then he doesn't. They are an outside company. She said she could talk to her manager and have them enforce them. I said,"I just want to know because I'll bring diving sticks and a friend for my daughter if the rules don't apply." She said she wouldn't say anything to the manager and I should go ahead and do what I wanted.

So....hooray for idiot lifeguards!! Lillianna and I are heading to the pool in an hour with her diving sticks!! Maybe tomorrow we'll have a friend over!!

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