Friday, July 13, 2007

How hot are you?

Lillianna and I were driving home the other day when I noticed a car coming towards us on the other side of the road. The passenger window had two feet hanging out of it. There is a seat belt law in Massachusetts and there was no way anyone could sit in that position and still be wearing a seat belt unless they were a contortionist.Since we aren't really circus folk in this neck of the woods,I doubted that this person was blessed with such a talent.

The seat belt issue wasn't even my real concern. I couldn't help but wonder,how freakin' hot do your feet have to be that you are compelled to remove your foot wear and stick your feet out the window to cool them down? Maybe when your feet are hot your brain cells die off in chunks so you don't realize how stupid it is to stick your feet out that window. Could that be it? Even if my feet were literally on fire,I would simply pull the car over and smother the flames. I wouldn't stick them out the window! Plus,I'm an air conditioner girl and that's much cooler than the hot sticky breeze outside.

Many years ago when Rich and I were driving on the highway,we saw a crazy accident. I don't know what made the first car stop but about 6 or 7 cars rear ended each other because of that one car. When a car with feet hanging out the passenger window rear ended the car in front of it,the feet disappeared. I always wondered what happened to the body attached to those stupid feet. I'm sure I'll never know.

Do you stick your feet out the window when you are in the passenger seat?

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