Friday, July 13, 2007

Hero or complete and utter moron? You decide.

This evening,on the news,there was a story of a mom who they were saying was a hero because she gave CPR to her 2 year old child who almost drowned. Oh how they praised her for her quick thinking.Her heroism saved his life. I decided to reserve my judgment until I heard how the child almost drowned. I had a feeling I knew what the cause of this nearly fatal accident was.

Eventually they got to the part of what happened. It seems that the mom was outside in her backyard with her 2 year old in his wading pool. She went inside "just for a minute" when the child went under the water. I was stunned when I heard this news. Gee whiz and golly willikers.....who would've guessed that's how the accident happened? Another child whose parent left them alone for "just a minute". What could possibly happen????

When the mom came outside she saw her drowning child and pulled him out of the pool. I guess she called 911 and she administered CPR until they came. The boy is in the hospital but he will be okay.

As the three of us sat on the couch watching this I was yelling all kinds of nasty comments at the tv. This just makes me crazy! No parent is perfect but if you mix a small unattended child with a pool of water you're bound to get a drowning. Who doesn't know that? In my tirade I got really nasty and found my husband and daughter staring at me in shock. I stared back. "Uhm...dropping the F-Bomb,are we?" Rich asked in surprised. I sighed and said,"I just want to punch that mother in the face. How stupid can she be?" Neither one of them disagreed with me. Then I blurted out,"Who thought it was a good idea to watch the news anyway?" I grabbed the remote and put on That 70's Show.I hate the show but I hate the news even more.

So what do you think? Is this mom a hero or a moron?

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