Friday, July 20, 2007

What I learned about my sister

Kara and Peter went on a 4 day vacation and they asked us to stay at their house and dog sit for Cody,their 15 month old chocolate lab. I call him my furry nephew because I just love him and consider him to be one of the family.

Today I am working in their office because whenever they go away,that's what I do. It doesn't matter that I only know about ophthalmology and they own a mortgage company. Somehow,I always manage to survive.

Staying in Kara's house is great. She has the kind of house I would love to have. Since she hasn't even been married a year yet,all her "stuff" is new. She has every household gadget you can think of. It's amazing.

When I work in her office and have to find a file,I just stop and think for a moment and then I can figure out where she keeps it. Kara was a disorganized child and teenager but as an adult,she is obsessed with order. Who knew that was going to happen? Her organized mind makes my job in the office a piece of cake.

Being in her kitchen has been fun because again,if I just stop and think,I can find whatever I am looking for after one try. Everything is right where you would expect it to be. I find that to be amazing as well as fascinating. In my apartment,since there is so little space,I just put things wherever they fit. It may take several tries to find what you are looking for and then you still might be out of luck.

After one night and one morning in her house I learned some interesting things that I hadn't known before.

1) Kara has an obsessive relationship with barbecue sauce. She has 3 bottles in the refrigerator and she also has about 10 more in the cabinet. I don't know if she thinks there will suddenly be a barbecue sauce shortage or not but I guess she's not taking any chances.

2) All the beds in her house are fluffy. They have heavy,heavy comforters and the beds are covered with huge fluffy pillows. Last night I felt like I was sleeping on a huge puffy cloud. If you ever need a pillow,come to my sister's house.

3) Speaking of heavy,Kara's plates and silverware weigh a ton. If I ever drop a spoon on my foot,I know it'll break a toe. I've never seen such heavy dinner ware in my life. I find it amusing since Kara is very thin. I don't know how she holds a plate without toppling over.

4) Kara's linen closet looks like Bed,Bath and Beyond. It is stuffed to the brim with towels of every size and sheets and pillow cases for all the fluffy beds!
My towels are all about 13 years old. I think someone should throw me another bridal shower!! I need some new towels,damn it!

Over the next couple of days I am sure I will discover other interesting things about Kara. I am always intrigued by this girl!

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