Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yup....uh huh.....ya!

Lillianna told me that at the end of the school year,when she visited with her 4th grade teacher,the kids were told they couldn't say yup,uh huh and ya next year. I thought that was a good policy. I don't want my precious daughter to sound like a doofus. (Eegads....do the kids say doofus anymore? Probably not.)

Today while I was at work I caught myself saying Yup and uh huh quite frequently. I was stunned and kind of embarrassed. I'm not some teeny-bopper snapping my gum and twisting my hair while I talk about a dreamy boy in school. I'm a 44 year old grown woman who should know better.

As of today,I'm going to give up these words that are prohibited in 4th grade. I want to live my life as a mature adult! Don't you? Yup...uh huh....ya...I bet you do too.

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