Friday, July 28, 2006

Your cheatin' heart

Lillianna and I spent five hours at the pool today. I heard and saw things that I wish I hadn't.

A few minutes after we arrived at 11am,a good looking dark skinned man who was probably in his 30's, entered the pool area with 2 small boys. I was impressed with Brian,the 8 year old,right away. He and Lillianna were standing on the top step of the pool and Brian asked Lillianna her name. After she told him, he walked over to her and said,"My name is Brian. Nice to meet you," and he shook her hand. I thought he was adorable. His 5 year old brother was equally charming. The younger boy called the man,"Dad",but Brian called him,Eric. I wasn't sure if Brian belonged to Eric's wife and maybe that was how the boys were brothers. It was kind of confusing but it really didn't matter.

As I was resting by the wall and doing leg lifts,I overheard this creepy guy that I don't like,talking to Eric. They know each other from working out at the gym. He asked where his wife was today. Eric said she was working on the Cape. Questions went back and forth and Eric said his wife was 26 and has her master's degree. She makes a lot of money as some type of rep and her bonus checks alone are over $8,000 per month. Eric didn't disclose his age when his son asked him. He kind of said 30...31...32...and made a joke of it. I thought he seemed like a nice loving dad.

Sitting near where Eric,his boys and the creepy guy were sitting,there were 2 young girls in revealing bikinis tanning themselves. Creepy guy couldn't resist talking to them and so the conversation started with,"Where are you from?" and ended with," you're a stripper?" Why wasn't I surprised?

Keep in mind that we (me,Lillianna,Eric and his boys and Erin-the stripper) were all at the pool for 5 hours. By 3:00pm,Eric ordered pizza which was delivered to the pool. When it came,he and the boys,along with Erin,sat under the umbrella and had lunch. About 20 minutes later,Erin's 2 friends,one male- one female,joined her at the pool.

After a few minutes,Erin went in the pool.Eric and the boys joined her. Brian and his brother began to splash them as if he were throwing rice and they sang,"Here comes the bride......" Eric and Erin laughed at those silly kids. Then they chanted,"Kiss her. Kiss her." He scooped her in his arms and kissed her in a very romantic way. I was stunned. Erin's friends just laughed.

After that,Erin and Eric continued to snuggle together in the pool. I was ill every time I saw them. How could he do that,especially in front of his boys? I wonder what his wife with the master's degree will say if the boys mention it? Will she shrug it off when he explains it was just a joke...just for fun and it meant nothing? Is this intelligent woman a sucker when it comes to her husband? I guess I'll never know but it makes me wonder....what do you consider cheating?

If Lillianna came home and told me this same story that I witnessed today but with Rich as the cheating husband,I'd pack up his stuff,throw it out the window and file for divorce. That would be more than enough for me. I wouldn't even want to hear his side of the story.

Would you consider this to be a case of infidelity or just harmless fun? How far would you let your husband go with flirting with another woman?

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