Friday, July 28, 2006

My new career

I went into Kara's office on Wednesday for training. She and Peter own a mortgage company and she is trying to train me to cover the office for their September honeymoon. I have gone in over the years to answer the phone and open the office when they are away but that has been to basically take messages,which I know how to do. This is different.

Kara tried to explain some of the basics to me but as Peter walked by and heard what she was saying he gasped and said,"Don't tell her all that. Are you trying to scare her?" We just laughed. I'm not scared. I'm just worried.

I know nothing about mortgages and I don't have a head for numbers unless they are ophthalmology related such as eye glass prescriptions,visual acuity and interocular pressures. I've been dealing with eyes for 19 years: 3 years working for an optometrist where I sold glasses and taught people how to insert contact lenses and 16 years working for an ophthalmology practice doing eye exams as a certified technician. I know eyes..... not mortgages. The problem is that I am completely burnt out being an ophthalmic tech and I do need a career change. I'm just not sure what I want to change to.

I think Kara's goal is to train me to take over the office while they are away and then eventually,to have me work there and process loans. In a way,it's very appealing. I love Peter and Kara and we get along great. Would working with them change that relationship? I don't think so. If Kara and Peter can work together,live together and vacation together and not kill each other,I don't think adding me into the mix would hurt anything.

After my first five hours of training,I felt like I didn't accomplish much but Kara thought I did a great job. She said it took her 5 weeks to train the last person to do what I did in one day. I think Kara is a big fat liar pants and that she said that so I wouldn't feel discouraged. I just input some info for a loan and uploaded it to the bank's account. A chimp could've done that.

They are going away this weekend so I have to go in to open on Monday because they won't be back until Tuesday morning. This time,it's just to answer the phone so it'll be easy but next time......who knows? I wonder if this will be my new career!

Have you ever changed jobs from something that you were familiar with to something completely new? How did that work out for you?

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