Friday, July 21, 2006

The power of positive thinking

I've had my moments when I've read something inspirational and it explains that if I just had positive thoughts,my life would be different. Hmmmm.....the theory is a good one. Recently,I have re-read some of "Conversations with G-d." (I think you have to scroll to the top to see this book if you click on the link.)

It says that if I say something like,"I want to have a lot of money," the universe hears that and says,"Yes,you do want to have a lot of money." If I say,"I see a lot of money coming my way," then the universe responds by sending me what I already see happening. There is probably a better way to describe that but basically,that's the way it goes.

I have said,"I want," a lot over the years and I haven't gotten one thing that I wanted. I am trying to re-word what I need in my life so that I actually get it. I have put my new thoughts into action this week and I have to believe that what I envision for my life will be coming true very soon.

Do you believe that what you say to the universe has a direct effect as to what actually happens in your life?

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