Sunday, July 23, 2006

Has anyone seen Suri Cruise?

I can't read a headline these days without seeing the big question,"Has anyone seen Suri Cruise?" People are doubting she exists now. Was it a hoax?
Leah Remini claims she has held Suri. Whoopie. My days of wondering are over. Thank goodness someone has seen her. A store clerk claims she saw the baby and she is ghastly. I wonder how much the tabloids paid her to say that. Will anyone pay me to say anything?

Let's put this in perspective. I couldn't care less about Suri Cruise and her messed up parents. Tom Cruise in insane and Katie Holmes is a dope for being with this ding dong. True love? In Hollywood? I don't even think that is possible.

A sighting of Suri is so far down on my list,(well,it would actually never make my list) are ten things-in no particular order-that I care more about than someone spotting Suri Cruise.

1.) Will the Israeli's end the terror of Hezbollah?

2.) Will I find shoes for my sister's wedding in time for my first fitting?

3.) Should I have white or wheat bread tomorrow morning?

4.) Do we still have sugar free popsicles in the freezer?

5.) How long will this Brady Bunch marathon be on TVLand? I turned it on for Lillianna at 4am this morning and 19 hours's still on!!!!

6.) Will the Gardetto's snack that I ate earlier in the day have any impact on my blood sugar tonight? It was really high in carbs!

7.) Will it be warm enough to go to the pool tomorrow?

8.) Why don't people pluck their chin hairs?

9.) What kind of back pack will I get Lillianna for 3rd grade?

10.) Why do celebrities breed???? WHY??

Rumor has it that a first picture of Suri will go for somewhere between $2 million and $5 million. Who said this world isn't messed up??

Have YOU spotted Suri? Oh wait.....there she is........sorry......false alarm. It was just a dust bunny. Damn,I'd better sweep!

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