Thursday, July 06, 2006

My disappointing shopping trip.

I was excited to go shopping for a shower outfit for Kara's bridal shower which is fast approaching until I actually began to shop. Yesterday,we went to Dress Barn and Fashion Bug with my mom. I tried on all the cute flowing skirts that I love but they all made me look fatter than before I lost the 50 pounds. That didn't seem fair at all. I ended up walking to my car in tears.

After those two stores,Mom went home and Lillianna and I headed to the local mall. I tried Marshall's,Lane Bryant,Sears and Old Navy but there was nothing pretty for me. Lillianna found a skirt set (for the shower) and a short set at Old Navy so she was thrilled. I was happy for her but sad for myself. This was supposed to be fun!

Today after work, I met Mom and Lillianna at Kohl's. Mom kept handing me the most hideous and disgusting clothes to try on. I do not look good in green,brown or orange so why did she hand me clothes in these colors? She had me try on a pair of stretchy black gouchos. "They're the newest fashion," she explained. Ya,well,I thought they were ridiculous and unflattering when I first saw them in 1976 and I haven't changed my opinion in the past 30 years. On a tall,thin woman they may look great but I looked like an Oompa Loompa in them. Not the look I was going for.

Finally,I tried on a pair of long black gauze-like pants which were fine. Nothing special. Mom insisted that I have them so she bought them for me. She told me to keep looking for a matching shirt today. This was not the outfit I had in mind for Kara's shower. I wanted a flowing dress or skirt or at the very least,a cutie pie capri set...something hip and happening. Instead,I have black pants and no shirt. Yippee!

After I got my hair cut,Lillianna and I went to Burlington Coat Factory. After going through each rack 3 times,I found a white blouse that I liked. It's a sleeveless, button down shirt with a little collar. I tried to find shoes and jewelry but I wasn't so lucky. I'll try again tomorrow.

This was a very disappointing experience. I thought this would be exciting and that I'd enjoy buying a beautiful outfit but there is no beautiful outfit to enjoy. Just my stupid black pants and white shirt. How blah is that???

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