Saturday, March 04, 2006

Magical kitchen or magical husband?

Ok,I'll admit it,I hate cleaning. Is there anyone else out there in blog land that hates cleaning too? Wow! That's a lot of raised hands! I knew I wasn't alone.

I also hate cooking but due to the diagnosis of Diabetes back in November,if I want to eat,I have to cook! That being said,I cooked a bunch of stuff yesterday:a huge pot/vat of low fat Oriental soup,a pot of low carb pasta (for the not using "real" angel hair pasta,I've cut down on the carbs. Yeah for me!)

I also made my very favorite string bean casserole without the onion rings which is what makes it "bad" for me to eat...too much fat.(Are you counting the pots,pans and utensils? It was getting messy!) Then I made some pork chops. Rich decided that they needed to go on a rack in the pan so he changed pans completely halfway through the cooking.

I microwaved left over angel hair pasta for Lillianna in it's plastic container,transfered that into another bowl so it appeared as if I were a good mother who had spent hours preparing my daughter's dinner instead of the 2 minutes it actually took to nuke it and throw a small bit of butter on it for flavor.

Then it was time for Rich and I to sit down to dinner. Add 2 plates,2 glasses and silverware to the big mess that I had already created in the ever so small kitchen and you have quite a disaster.

Rich was going over to his friend's house to trade historical lead figures for a few hours after dinner and I had a million things to do before bed. Did I mention I had to get up at 4am this morning to get ready for a walk for Hospice? I looked at Rich with sad pitiful eyes and said,"I don't want to clean this mess up."

He said,"That's okay. I'll clean it all up when I get home." He gave me a big reassuring hug. I didn't dare ask,"Are you sure?" because I didn't want him to change his mind.I thanked him and ran off to sew the metal underwire back into my bra. It had escaped earlier in the day and nearly poked my eye out. Don't ask!

When I woke up this morning,the kitchen was spotless! SPOTLESS! Just like it had been before I destroyed it.

Is my kitchen magical or is my husband magical? Never mind. I already know the answer to that question.


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