Friday, March 17, 2006

Can anyone explain this to me?

We live in a very large apartment complex. I always drive slowly throughout the complex because there are so many kids here and you just never know when a child will suddenly dart into the road.

The other day as I was passing one of the buildings, I noticed a mom holding the hand of her 2 or 3 year old daughter. They were laughing as they walked down the walkway leading to the parking lot. The mom let go of her daughter's hand and they continued laughing as the little girl ran around to the side of their car. Her mom was not far behind her.

Suddenly,the mom saw my car and panicked. I was only going about 15MPH and I still hadn't gotten to the spot where their car was but the mom started screaming at her daughter. The little girl was now standing by the trunk of their car. The mom screamed until the girl stopped and began to cry.

When the mom got to her child,she slapped her little hands several times until her sippy cup fell to the ground. The girl was now hysterical. It was at this point that I passed their car. My heart shattered when I saw this scene.

When a child is this young,I blame the parent and not the child for a situation like this. The mom should've known better. A child of 2 or 3 should not be allowed to run free in a parking area and if they are....don't slap them!! Slap yourself for being so stupid in thinking that a child that young has really good judgment! DUH!

What do you think about this?

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