Saturday, February 25, 2006

People who made my day

Even though none of the people who made me smile today will ever read this,I wanted to acknowledge them anyway.

Thanks to the doctor I worked with this morning who asked me how I was feeling and then said I was looking great.Yahoo! That made me feel wonderful. I know the doctors were worried about me when I got pancreatitis and they are always asking me how I am feeling whenever I see them. I like that!

Thanks to the driver of the florist truck who let me out of the parking lot to cross in front of him after work. I have to cross a busy main road and no one lets the cars out but this young guy waved me in. If it weren't for him,I might still be sitting there.

Thanks to the 96 year old woman who came in for an emergency visit this morning. She was just lovely and made me smile.

Every kindness makes a difference. Who was nice to you today?

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