Saturday, February 04, 2006

My very dry fingertips

I have had eczema my whole life and I hate it. Since I am now pricking my fingertips twice a day to check my blood sugar, the dryness has become worse.

Yesterday,Lillianna and I,went to CVS to drop off my prescriptions. I decided to ask the pharmacist what he suggested for my dried,cracked fingers. He was an Asian man who had a thick accent. He took me down an aisle and stopped. He pointed to the lowest shelf.

"I know this may seem strange but this cream is best. They use it on dry cow teats."

I did my best not to burst out in nervous laughter. I've heard of these creams before and I'm sure if they work on dry cow teats they should work on my scaly fingers,right?

Then the pharmacist looked at me,pointed at my fingers and said,"You shouldn't pick your fingers."
I sighed and said, "I didn't say I pick my fingers. I said I prick my fingers...twice a check my blood sugar."
"Oh," he said."This will help you." He walked away.

This cow teat cream is called Bag Balm. They couldn't have come up with a more seductive name? I used it last night and it doesn't smell too pleasant. Lillianna gagged. For $7.99 this teat cream had better make my fingertips moist and delicious,that's all I have to say!!

Have you ever used cow teat cream?

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