Sunday, January 29, 2006

Just one more reason to like Denmark

I read this in News Of The Weird today and wanted to share it with everyone.
I have loved Denmark since I went there in 1989 to visit my friend,Charlotte and this article just gives me one more reason to applaud their society.

Denmark's government ruled in 2001 that institutionalized citizens have the right to have sex and that caregivers must even take them to visit prostitutes. (Prostitution is legal in Denmark.) According to a January dispatch from Aarhus, Denmark, in London's Observer, Mr. Torben Vegener Hansen, 59, who has cerebral palsy and lives at home on government assistance, is challenging the government also to pay for prostitutes to make house calls, claiming that he is unable to have sex manually because of his illness and must be accorded this "human right" by a service similar to the government's meals-on-wheels program. [The Observer (London), 1-1-06]

I wonder how this would work in our country??

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