Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My dream house

It's not really a dream house,I guess,it's more like a dream neighborhood. I wish I could afford to build a complex,kind of like the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port,but not as expensive. What I want is rather simple.

I would like my immediate family and my closest friends to live in a complex all together. Why should I have to drive 30 minutes to see my mother or sister? I'd rather go next door to see them.

Actually,my friend Kristy and I were talking about this today on our one hour walk. We would love to buy a duplex and live side by side. She owns a big house which is killing her financially and we are still in an apartment with is depressing us. Who knows if such a thing would be affordable but it sure sounded good when we came up with this idea.

I loved living on a kibbutz in Israel when I was in my 20's. It was great. I often wish I could re-create that life here. If I don't hit the lottery,how can I make this wish come true?

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