Saturday, August 06, 2005


Yesterday,Lillianna and I spent our typical 3 hours at the pool.At 5pm she asked if we could stay until 6pm. I wanted to get home,shower and make dinner before Rich arrived home from work at 6:30pm so I told her we could stay until 5:30pm. At 5:15pm it started to get dark and we heard thunder. I decided it was a good thing we were leaving in 15 minutes.

The clouds began rolling in at 6:05pm, but Lillianna and I were safely in our jammies after our shower by the time the thunder became rumbly enough to scare her. Then she saw lightning and began to yell in her room. She is quite a dramatic child so I didn't really pay much attention to her cries of,"He's never going to make it home safely," until she became upset. I asked who wasn't going to make it home? She replied,"Daddy,"

Well, that did throw me for a minute but I reassured her he'd be ok and I went about making dinner. I had the urge to call Rich on his cell phone to make sure he was indeed alive but in a storm like that,the last thing he needed was to be distracted looking for his phone and talking to me so I continued what I was doing and Lillianna calmed down a bit.

When Rich walked through the door he was frazzled. Here is his story.

"I was coming down the road and all of a sudden the sky just opened up and it started pouring. I couldn't stop because there were cars behind me and I couldn't see in front of me. There were branches falling off the trees and debris hitting the car and I saw the wind pushing half a tree onto the road. I didn't want to stop and didn't want to get hit by the tree so I slowed down because I didn't know what was happening with the tree. The wind let up a little bit so I drove past the tree and just as I went past the tree,the wind blasted again and half the tree fell down into the street. I couldn't see what happened but the cars behind would've had to stop.
There was debris all over the streets for the rest of the way home. I passed at least 4 accidents."

Lillianna was so relieved when Rich came home and I was stunned that she had sensed he was in trouble when I was completely oblivious. It really shouldn't have surprised me because she has always been able to see things that are unexplainable.
Thank goodness Rich came home safe and sound.

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