Tuesday, August 30, 2005

More commercials that drive me insane

Is anyone else creeped out by the Quaker Oats commercial? You know the one. A bunch of school age children pull a life size Quaker Oats statue around in a red wagon and pass out something....granola bars,maybe? What's up with that? Lillianna said this commercial scares her because the statue looks so weird. I have to agree. I would've liked this commercial better if it had been someone dressed up like a Quaker rather than hauling the statue to school. Why can't the kids just bring the bars to school? Why does the statue have to come too? That's just odd.

Speaking of statues.....when did Burger King become a peeping Tom? One of the commercials for their breakfast sandwich has the Burger King statue standing in the front yard looking in the window of someone's home. I guess he's supposed to wake them up with his delicious sandwich. Ya,well,ok but he looks all shiny and plastic like because....he's a statue! He's creepy too.
Whatever happened to actors? Is it cheaper to replace them with statues?

Now,on to one of the dumbest commercials....for Ziploc containers. That's the one where the husband is carrying his Ziploc container of salsa from the kitchen into his all white living room....white couches,white rug,white everything! While he does this he is reassuring his wife on the phone that he has not been in the living room all week and no, he isn't eating in there. Lies,lies,lies. During this chat,his one year old son is tossing the salsa container all over the living room which goes to prove how good those Ziploc containers are.
Here's my question....who,in their right mind,has an all white room if they have children? Who? I want names! Why is the husband such a moron? Just because the container doesn't leak,that doesn't mean he won't drip salsa on something while he is eating it! I hate this commercial.

What commercials drive you crazy?

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