Friday, August 05, 2005

I'm not dreading the weekend

Today is Friday.(Sometimes I like to state the obvious.) I enjoy my Fridays since it's one of my days off but as the day wears on, I start to dread the busy weekend ahead. However,tomorrow is also going to be a day off for me. Saturdays I work two jobs: 7:30am-12:30pm at job #1,then 1:00pm-9:30pm at job #2. Not tomorrow!
Do I hear a big YAHOO!!!!!!! Come on people,cheer with me.

Originally,Jess was supposed to swim in Boston tomorrow but due to her shoulder injury, she wasn't able to make the trip. I told her months ago that I would take Aug 6th off just in case she could come because Lillianna and I were dying to meet her. The worst that could happen was that if she couldn't make it,I would have a day off. I know we will meet up eventually so although I won't meet her tomorrow,all hope is not lost. I'm hoping she goes to school in Massachusetts or at least a nearby state!(No pressure,Jess!)

So,today,after delivering our cable bill and eating lunch,Lillianna and I are heading to the pool. The temperature is high....too high to think about,so being immersed in cool water is the only fun solution.

Tomorrow is family day. We are thinking of going to the zoo and then out to dinner.
That's Lillianna's plan,anyway.

Have a great weekend!

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