Friday, August 19, 2005


Lillianna and I are at Kara and Peter's office today while they are away with the kids. The office is located across from the courthouse on a very busy street. There is a small parking lot off to the side but other than that,it's all street parking with meters.

I happened to look outside the window just a few minutes ago and noticed this man standing by his car. The 5 year old boy inside the car was popping out the sun roof and pulling himself up so that he was sitting on the roof of the car. Non-stop traffic is passing by this car but did the man care? I don't think so. He looked to be the boy's grandfather but unless he is completely senile,he should have known better.

At this point,a police car with the lights flashing,pulled up next to the idiot old man. The boy was rolling around on the roof!
I watched the exchange between the two men and it was pretty clear from his expression that the old man didn't know what the big deal was all about. The officer talked briefly,shook his head in dismay and walked away. The old man shrugged and got the boy from off of the roof.

Is there any adult out there who wouldn't have known that it was not ok to allow the 5 year old boy to roll around the roof of a car on a busy street? Anyone?

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