Thursday, April 03, 2008

What's cookin'?.......

......Rainbow chip cookies....that's what!

Today I am picking up Carly and Sarah from school since the girls have an extra Girl Scout meeting this week. Usually I'm at work until 4:30pm but I took the day off to go to school and view the puberty movie with 9 other moms. The 4th and 5th grade girls will be seeing it next week.

Since I knew I would be home all day I called Carly and Sarah's mom last week and asked if I could pick the girls up and then take them to their meeting. Usually Lillianna goes home on the bus with the girls and then Carly's mom drives them to the meeting. I pick up Lil and Carly after the meeting and Sarah is always off to soccer.

We only have about one hour at home after school before we have to leave but I wanted to have a yummy snack ready for them. They all love these cookies. I'm sure they'll be surprised.

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Lilly said...

I remeber that!!!! Sarah ate like all of them!!!