Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Friday night dinner

Lillianna and I went to Hebrew school last night and as always,we loved it. The temple has Shabbat services every Saturday morning and the first Friday of every month. This Friday there is a dinner after the services. I told Lillianna that I thought we should go Friday night and also on Saturday morning. She said okay although she wasn't thrilled because she is just learning to read Hebrew and she can't follow along in the prayer book.

I asked Seth,the cantor,if I could take home a prayer book to translate the prayers for Lillianna. He said to take it for as long as I needed it.
Seth had made a cd for Lillianna's friend Lauren and I made a copy of it. It has the whole service on it so that I could learn the tunes that they use. My temple used some different tunes so even though I know the words,the tune is unfamiliar to me.

Tonight,with the cd playing in the background,I wrote the transliteration for the prayers. For example our most important prayer is called The Sh'mah and I wrote it like this:

Sh'mah yisrael
Adonai elohaynoo
Adonai echad

That way,Lillianna can still sing along with us in Hebrew. It took me over an hour to type it all up and I still have 3 more to do before Friday but I think she's going to like services more now that she can participate.

I am so glad we are joining this temple in September. The people are just wonderful.

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