Monday, September 29, 2008

Twenty One Years Ago Today

Every time I see the date September 29th my heart breaks. It's been 21 years since my dad died but in a lot of ways it seems like it just happened yesterday.

Every year I get a little sadder as I remember all the good times I shared with my father. He was just so wonderful and he died way too soon. I wrote about the day he died two years ago so if you'd like you can read about it here.

The good news is that Lillianna came running into the living room yesterday because her radio turned on and off by itself and she was freaked out. I just laughed and told her not to worry. Dad does something like that on his birthday in May and on the anniversary of when he died.He loved music and it's his way of saying he's here. I always know he's around but it's fun when he gives me a little sign.

Also,I haven't really said much about Kara's pregnancy but IT'S A GIRL!!....and she's naming the baby after our dad,Charlie,and her mother-in-law Linda. My little niece will be named Charley Lynn. We are so excited to have a Charley back in the family.

You'd think after 21 years I wouldn't have anymore tears to shed over my dad but you'd be wrong. I cried through this whole post.

I try to keep my dad's memory alive so that Lillianna will know all about the grandfather that she never knew. My Uncle Robert,(Dad's brother)always tells funny stories about Dad which I love. I'm still learning things about him that I never knew. That's so much fun for me and I treasure all those stories.

It's so weird that Dad would've been 72 this past May but for me he will always be
51. Considering I'll be 46 in a few months that is really strange for me to think he wasn't much older than I am now when he died. I try not to think about that.

I miss you, Daddy!

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