Friday, September 12, 2008

I just had to laugh!

I wrote about a Yoplait yogurt commercial over a year ago.
It's a dippy commercial and I find the people in it to be a tad bitter. So I wrote about....that's what I do.....I write.
Today I got this comment.

Wow... I've never read anyone be so bitter about a commercial. Talk about over analyitcal. Try going out and doing something to brighten your life because you just make me feel like everyone should be royally ticked off at all times. AT YOGURT!

At first I felt angry because I have never left a nasty or rude comment on anyone's blog in all the years I have been online. I feel they are unnecessary. If I don't like what someone has written I just move on. I don't say one word. Why be a bitch,right?

After reading this for the second time it made me laugh. She is accusing me of being bitter but she was bitter about the fact that she thought I was bitter for no reason. That's just funny!!

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