Monday, March 26, 2007

How to kill your husband

I often joke with Rich that I'd kill him if I could figure out how to hide the body. It scares me a bit when friends offer suggestions like,"Just throw him in the dumpster," or "If you put him down the disposal no one will find him." Have these good people been thinking about how to kill their own husband? It makes you wonder,doesn't it?

The other day I read about a woman in Puerto Rico who killed her husband,chopped him up into little pieces,boiled him and hid him under the stairs. I printed the story out and left it by the computer for Rich to see for the radio show that he does.

On my way home from work on Saturday I asked if he had read it. He said that he had. Lillianna found it first and said,"I think this is for your show Daddy." I said,"Well,I guess if I kill you,I know how to get rid of the body now."

Rich laughed and said,"You'd never do it......" I got a warm feeling and thought that he knows I love him and would never hurt him in any way. Before I could say a word he continued and said ".....You don't like to cook that much!"

I had to laugh. He was right. I can barely chop up veggies for my soup,let alone chop up his huge body and then cook it! He's a big guy. I would have to use at least two pots! I love that my husband knows me so well. That's true love!

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